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Get Awning Styles
. Here is where you can see our basic frame designs for our standard awnings. The styles pictured here are just some of the basic awning shapes that we offer.


Different styles of awnings can make your home or business stand out. Take style and comfort to the next level with a beautiful patio awning from awntech. Regardless of the style of awning you're looking for, arizona awnings has a custom solution to meet your needs.

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With the increase in the amount of innovations, the change in trend and fashion styles have also been rapid. You want to enjoy your outdoor space on sunny days too and need our awnings are easy to install and you can choose the fabric type that best suits your business or home's design style. It is typically composed of canvas woven of acrylic, cotton or polyester yarn, or vinyl laminated to polyester fabric that is stretched tightly over a light structure of aluminium, iron or steel. Besides from making the outside of your home more enjoyable and comfortable awnings will also add some color and style to your deck.